Evita Rigert, born in Switzerland in 1987, is based in Amsterdam. After successfully completing her Bachelor in 2017 at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern in Product Design with a focus on Fashion Design, she completed the Master of Arts at the Sandberg Instituut (Gerrit Rietveld Academie) in 2019. Since two years she has established herself as an independent fashion designer in Costume Design and Creative Pattern Cutting with her own studio in the Broedplaats Volkshotel. During her studies, she was trained at the established fashion labels Ann Demeulemeester and Haider Ackermann in Antwerp and Paris.


She creates experiences by designing clothes and mediates between the technical and the creative world. Her core competence are her ability to structure processes and her diplomatic and analytical nature. She convinces through her social and team-oriented personality, always positive with an enormous passion for clothes and costumes. 


Her graduation collection ”The inEVITAble Trash of Luxury”, awarded with the Doing Fashion Sponsorship Award, shows a modern version of Plato’s Cave Allegory and reflects the impact of the fashion system and the luxury trash society.

IMAGINE: We are still sitting in the cave that Plato described 2,500 years ago in his allegory of the cave. Every day, we see the spectacle of the stultification of our system.
The InEVITAble Trash of Luxury addresses our luxury throw-away society in a humorous way. The irony of the vaingloriousness of our luxury society is reflected in the overstatement of the collection. The shoes and accessories are made of plastic, a symbol for the present age of our consumer society. We have arrived in a new era, and this can be very absurd, disturbing and uncertain; but let’s face it! Pick up the trash of our luxury society and make fashion great again!


Evita worked and lived in Amsterdam, Paris, Antwerp, Berlin, Basel and Zürich. 

Work experience

2019-2021 Senior Designer at ELZINGA Studio, Amsterdam, NL

2019-2021 Studio in the Broedplaats Volkshotel: Freelancer in Fashion Design, Creative Patterncutting and Costume Design, Amsterdam, NL

2015-2016 Pattern Department HAIDER ACKERMANN (32 BVBA), www.haiderackermann.com, Antwerpen & Paris, BE / FR

2015 Trainee at the Product Development and Pattern Department at ANN DEMEULEMEESTER

(32 BVBA), www.anndemeulemeester.com, Antwerpen, BE

2011-2013 Manager Beauty Center, Carelite Center, Zürich, CH

2010 – 2011 Assistent fashion designer Aline Ochoa, Paris, FR
2007-2008 Shop assistent at ZARA, Zürich, CH


o Excellent qualifications in pattern construction, model cutting, pattern tracing, CAD and plotting

o Excellent knowledge of fashion design techniques such as fashion drawing, prototyping, draping, sampling and development of a final product

o Excellent confection and sewing techniques such as dealing professionally with customers, taking measurements, documenting alterations

o Excellent command of Adobe Creative Cloud: Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Premiere Pro

o Excellent knowledge of Excel, Word, Power Point




2020-2021 Costume design for artist Irina Birger - Exhibition "Moving Walls" at Nieuw Dakota, Amsterdam 

2019-2020 Costume design for designer Klasien van de Zanschlup and VR-Designer Ali Eslami, Exhibition "Sacred Hill" at Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam and Nederlands Film Festival 2019, Utrecht, NL

2019 Opera Performace and public presentation "Repeat after me" at the Nationale Opera & Ballet in Amsterdam, Tutor Opera Director Sjaron Minailo and advised by Opera Director Peter Sellars

2018 Short Film "The Neigh Sayer" for the British Film Institute (BFI), London

2018 Founding of own accessories brand HUNGUP.ME

2012 Professional Certificate in Make-Up, Make Up For Ever, Paris, FR

2008 Stylist at the CSI-Züri Movie, Imaculix Production, Regensdorf




Universitiy of Applied Sciences and Arts

Academy of Art and Design, Basel, Switzerland

Graduation 2017


Sandberg Instituut

Master Design of Experiences

Evita Rigert


Postgraduate Programme of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy Amsterdam

Graduation 2019