„All liberation depends on
the consciousness of servitude, and the
emergence of this consciousness
is always hampered by the predominance of
needs and satisfactions which, to a great extent,
have become the individual’s own.“
Herbert Marcuse, One-Dimensional Man (1964)

Master Project of Evita Rigert, Sandberg Instituut 2017 - 2019
Master Design of Experience
University of the Underground

Tutor, Thomas Greenall


Credits Film True Fake:

Directed by Evita Rigert
Director of Photography - Sjors Mosman
Music - Marjolein van der Meer & Raymond Deirkauf
Costume Design - Evita Rigert
Set Design - Evita Rigert, Nina Wagner
Alexandre Arnault - LVMH

Susy Menkes - Vogue Magazine - Heather Griffin
Charlet Duboc - Vice Media - Malena Arcucci
Rita Ferro - Disney Advertising - Anna Maria Balint
Elena Rollandi - Sales Gucci - Rebecka Hultman
Sung-Joo Kim - CEO of MCM - Marjolein van der Meer
Waitress - Nina Wagner
Evita Rigert as Evita Rigert
Paula Cooper Gallery - Annamaria Merkel
Daniel Versace - Leon Lapa Pereira
Drag Artist Sasha Velour - Ryan Eykholt
Saleswoman - Fabrizzia De Toni
Locations: Droog Amsterdam, Cinematic Amsterdam

Thank you: Marc Wagenaar, Judith Schepers from Cinematic Amsterdam, Jurgen Smit from Droog, Superette
Nina Wagner