„All liberation depends on

the consciousness of servitude, and the
emergence of this consciousness
is always hampered by the predominance of
needs and satisfactions which, to a great extent,
have become the individual’s own.“
Herbert Marcuse, One-Dimensional Man (1964)

True fake

Evita Rigert‘s master project „True Fake“ (2019) reveals established ideologies by reflecting on what is seen and authorized as „real“, „authentic“ or „original“. In her work she plays with different mediums like film, fashion and photography. Evita Rigert‘s project „True Fake“ blurs the boundaries between true and fake and invites the viewer to reflect on the absurdity of mass consumption. In a society where nothing is more important than one‘s own individuality, we explore more than ever our narcissism and self-interest. Monopolies and their methods, such as public relations, have already manipulated us with their products and believes, that we are nothing else than a following mass. Guided and blended by „Objects of Desires“, that have much more meaning attached to them then their function. The attachments promise meaningfulness to objects. In todays world human relationships are expressed through objects and thus also promises of a „better life“.


Directed by Evita Rigert

Director of Photography - Sjors Mosman


KITIKAL explains what is TRUE and what is FAKE!
In a time where we don`t know anymore what is fake and what is true, Kitikal shows us how we can differentiate. To be individual and have the right products that suit you and support the self-actualisation of your being, it is important to know what is "original", "true" and "authentic". Counterfeit industry pollutes the fashion industry and endangers the prosperity of future fashion and quality consumption.
How does fake tastes like? What`s the sound of truth? Our mind is trained over the last hundert years by marketing and advertisement to intuitively know what is true and what is fake.
Kitikal is a brilliant example of how we can explore true fakes with our senses!


Directed by Evita Rigert

Costume and Styling - Evita Rigert
Kitikal - Nina Wagner


Each era creates or revives mythologies to help make sense of the world. The Neigh-sayer is a short film, extending the myth of an ancient mystical creature in to a surreal scenario. The film depicts a BBC News scene in which women rule the world, featuring an interview with the head of an imaginary institution; the HistoryFactory – a meminist activist movement led by Sir Henry Charles Philip Turner – the white working unicorn. The myth of the monoceros transposed into the fiction of the white working leader, advocating men’s rights. The script is based on actual statistics on gender inequality within the creative sectors, with a focus on the film industry.


"THE NEIGH SAYER" - Film by Evita Rigert, Heather Griffin and Annamaria Merkel


Call me co-plaintiff* is an operatic miniature inspired by Theodor Storm’s old German literary fairy  tale; die Regentrude (1863). The narrative is a homage to a mythological figure; the deity of all springs. The Libretto emerged through synthesizing the story with an ancient Anglo-Saxon medical text of a healing remedy called Lacnunga.





FILM & PERFORMANCE by Evita Rigert, Annamaria Merkel, Ryan Eykholt, Chris Harris & Emilia Tapprest