The Palimpsest of Reification - Barbara Kruger and Supreme - Case Study

 Case Study of the everlasting appropriation and re-appropriation of Barbara Kruger and Supreme


Summary: This almost slapstick-like, everlasting appropriation and reappropriation of the conceptual artist Barbara Kruger and James Jebbia, the founder of Brand Supreme, proves Herbert Marcuse‘s theory that the individual is subject to the ideology of the capitalist system. The palimpsest of reification and commodification of the object is essential to maintain this system. This case study of Kruger and Supreme is philosophically important because it recalls the legitimate ideologies rationalized by mass consumption.


Book Size: 13.1 x 18 cm

Pages: 100

Contents: Written theoretical case study with pictures. Includes theories by Karl Marx, Herbert Marcuse, Jean Baudrillard, Lauren Berlant and Kevin Floyd.
Description: Text and Pictures (colour print on 26 pages)

Book - The Palimpsest of Reification (Evita Rigert)

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