He can feel it in the tips of his fingers, the weirdly tingling sensation when he concentrates. The folks around him at the train station have no idea, but he knows what it means. He knows what happens when he lets it GO. He looks like every other boy but there’s something hiding within him, something that is far out of the ordinary. And its restlessly waiting until it’s allowed to be awakened…


Alteregos, demigods and supernatural powers are as old as stories itself. In myths, comics and movies we meet superheroes, werewolves and children of the gods who keep sparking our imagination. Inside every creature there is something hidden, something that no one has seen. Who are you when no one is watching?


In this immersive performance, in which dancers and foam sculptures become adventurous characters, master puppeteer Duda Paiva and the celebrated choreographer Shailesh Bahoran tell the story of the breath of life. Because what is the origin of this magic? Do gods give life to man or is it man who has made gods human?



Zwaan 2023: Most impressive dance production



Utrecht Stadsschouwburg 21-10-2022

Netherlands Tour 2022-2023

France, Charleville in September 2023



Concept, Regie, Choreography: Shailesh Bahoran & Duda Paiva

Dancers: Simon Bus, Balder Hansen, Yordana Rodriguez, Marchano Sarijoen,

Ser Sebico & Yashasvi Shrotriya

Light Design: Mike den Ottolander

Compositie: Wilco Alkema & Rik Ronner

Kostuums: Evita Rigert