KITIKAL explains what is TRUE and what is FAKE!

In a time where we don`t know anymore what is fake and what is true, Kitikal shows us how we can differentiate. To be individual and have the right products that suit you and support the self-actualisation of your being, it is important to know what is "original", "true" and "authentic". Counterfeit industry pollutes the fashion industry and endangers the prosperity of future fashion and quality consumption.
How does fake tastes like? What`s the sound of truth? Our mind is trained over the last hundert years by marketing and advertisement to intuitively know what is true and what is fake.
Kitikal is a brilliant example of how we can explore true fakes with our senses!

Directed by Evita Rigert
Costume and Styling - Evita Rigert
Kitikal - Nina Wagner